360° Elastic Stretchable Waistband

The diapers we provide are made for the convenience of our customers. Some parents may find it difficult to change the diapers of their sweet child. For them, we have introduced this feature. You can make your child wear it just like a pair of pants and since it is stretchable, there is no fear of it being too tight or too loose for your sweet sunshine. We believe that a comfortable child is a happy child and nothing says comfort more than the elasticity of our diapers.

Beehive Pattern Surface

Our beehive pattern surface gives our diapers a unique and appealing outlook. It shows that we care about every little detail of our product. We are providing a premium product for our customers and the details in design is our signature to our product. It will distinguish us from the rest of us the brand and this pattern cannot be made without using cutting edge technology. So it reduces the risk of our diapers being cloned in the market and our customers can easily understand whether it is the real Kidz diaper or a fake clone. A premium touch is our benchmark.

Japanese Sumitomo Absorbent Paper

We are the best quality provider in diapers in the market and our absorbent technology only proves our point. We import Japanese Sumitomo Absorbent papers straight from Japan for our products. This is the latest and greatest in diaper technology and this paper gives an 80% more absorbent rate than regular diapers. It is also super thin which makes our diapers, the thinnest diapers in the market. It is less of a burden for your child to wear and gives more efficiency to your money. A regular diaper can absorb for 4 hours on an average. Our diapers have crossed 6 hours in efficiency and it keeps going even after 6 hours. That’s all thanks to our Japanese technology in our premium product. Most companies use SAP and wood pulp in their diapers. SAP was the reason behind Toxic Shock Syndrome and it also causes staph infection, irritates skin and causes the skin to darken. Wood pulp causes the diaper to be bulkier and it absorbs odor so the diapers start to smell bad even before it is being used. Our diapers have a Japanese Sumitomo absorbent paper, which is free from SAP and wood pulp and has a much better absorption rate than regular diapers. That means it’s much more comfortable for your little gem to wear it.

Inner White ADL

ADL or better known as Acquisition Distribution Layer, are sub-layers designed to improve fluid distribution in hygienic products. ADL have excellent hydrophilic properties and consequently can accelerate the absorption and distribution of fluid on baby diapers. The ADL technology we use are Thermobonded, which means that the material is pleasant to touch and offers web uniformity and appearance. Which means that your baby will experience softness throughout the entire day.

Soft Breathable Back Sheet

We care about how your little champ smells as well. We have looked at every little detail and ensured that our diapers provide every feature that will prove to be useful for you. One of the components of our product is the soft breathable back sheet that we are providing for our diapers. It means that, the smell that the pee is creating will be purified by our back sheet and it will not create any bad odor. Also, the diaper will not stink even if you use it for hours. The smell of the diaper will match the smile of your little gem; absolutely pure.

Three Dimensional Leak Guard

With all our features and qualities, we have not forgotten the core quality that a diaper must possess, to prevent leakage from the diaper. In order to ensure that no leakage occurs, we have introduced technology from Germany and embedded them in our product, giving it a three-dimensional protection against leakage. That means, the liquid has to break through three layers, before it leaks and the percentage of it happening is almost zero. With our absorbent technology from Japan and our ADL technology from Germany, it is impossible for the liquid to penetrate one layer, let alone both of them. And just in case it happens due to some unforeseen circumstance, we have introduced a third leak guarding technology from Germany to protect from leakage. Your baby can run, jump, play and roll around all day long by wearing our diapers and you will be an unstressed parent, never having to worry about leakage. Your clarity of mind is our satisfaction.